We create ecosystems to digitalize self tests while giving you a channel to interact with patients.

Health should not be complicated. It should be patient centered.

Rethinking how self tests should be handled.

We print your process into a digital world

By digitally mapping your product, you can respond to future changes as quickly as possible while enabling new business cases such as white label products.

We let you interact with your patients fully automated

Each patient in your ecosystem represents a potential future customer. Develop your automated communication strategy to create new touchpoints.

We distribute necessary data consistently, securely and flexibly

Enable automated data transfer with multiple recipient systems. We provide the necessary interfaces and are also happy to take care of individual requirements.

Create your own product.

We adjust to your needs, not the other way around.
White label solution

From company logos and colors to individual privacy policy and different landing pages.

Different step types

We offer a toolkit to digitalize almost every existing or new use case.

Optimized user experience

Based on simplicity and feedback we shaped a patient-oriented user experience trusted by millions.

Interact with patients.

Administrate your patient database the way you want to.
Personal interaction

We automate communication in a personal and project-specific way. You add the relevant content.

Custom action hooks

Your ecosystem, your rules. Define communication conditions based on patient actions.

Marketing channel

Besides SEO friendly landing pages, you can advertise new products across all patients in your ecosystem.

Connect to 3rd parties.

Deliver data to multiple authorized clients at the same time.
Simplistic API

We take a developer centric approach to make connectivity as simple as possible.

Security first

Data communication is based on the highest data protection- and system security concepts.

High performance

Our systems can process up to 100,000 tests per hour.

Crafting solutions based on experience.

LEAD Horizon GmbH approached Dotbite GmbH to develop a pilot project with Rewe Austria

Launch of extended version to allow public screening project “Alles gurgelt”

Founding of Boritea GmbH and start of developments

Release of biometric alpha version “Facecheck” and plattform as a service “MST”

Implementation of “Facecheck” module into existing projects

Start of screening project in Germany based on MST-Instance